Hazelnuts from Irpinia May Be In Your Easter Candy

The Ferrero facility in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi. This photo originally appeared on http://www.nuovairpinia.it

Known for iconic brands like Nutella, Tic Tac, and Ferrero Rocher, among others, Ferrero has a manufacturing facility in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (AV). Because Irpinia is known for its hazelnuts, Ferrero recently announced a new marketing initiative designed to celebrate the region by showcasing one of its best-tasting exports.

“Progetto Nocciola Italia” is the name of Ferrero’s mission to include only Italian hazelnuts in its products– the initiative has now landed in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, after having been successful in both Piedmont and Umbria. The initiative has proven popular across Italy, where a marked determination to highlight Italian-made products has been at the national forefront for quite some time. The phrase “Made in Italy” is meant to evoke high-quality items, either food or merchandise, that showcase Italian craftsmanship and expertise. Italian hazelnuts are deemed to be more flavorful than their non-Italian counterparts. In the regions where it operates, Ferrero is also purchasing land near its facilities for the purpose of cultivation and to help bring jobs to keep young people at home, versus needing to seek work elsewhere.

In Irpinia, the cultivation of hazelnuts is a major industry– to the point where it has been recognized by the government as a “Traditional Italian Agricultural Product.” In fact, hazelnuts are recognized in Irpinia as its second most popular “cultural treasure,” right after wine production!

To read more about Ferrero’s initiative, click here for a great article from La Nuova Irpinia.

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