‘Crystel’ Blue Persuasion

Maria Dora Giovino as Queen Edwine in Giuseppe Rossi’s “Blue Crystel.”

A young director originally from Guardia Lombardi has taken the cinematic world by storm with his latest short film.

Giuseppe Rossi’s 2018 work, “Blue Crystel,” tells the story of Crystel, who lives in a science-fiction world populated mostly by women. Crystel must find the legendary Blue Crystal in order to break the curse on men and to help all of humankind survive.

The critically-acclaimed short film has already captured both national attention in Italy and international attention in the United States and in Japan. The film was named the 2019 Honorable Mention winner in the Best Action category at the Florence Film Awards and was proclaimed the winner of the festival award in the Best Action Film category at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Awards.

“Irpinia is, without a doubt, a natural background for film that should be better used to its maximum potential.” — Giuseppe Rossi

What makes “Blue Crystel” so special is that not only was it created, written and directed by an Irpinian, it was also filmed in Irpinia– showcasing the territory’s incredible landscape. The filming of “Blue Crystel” took place between September and October of 2016 in the territory surrounding the Irpinian towns of Montella and Rocca San Felice. Rossi also used actors from the region, mainly from Montella, Sant Angelo dei Lombardi and Guardia Lombardi, according to an interview he gave to Nuova Irpinia.

“Irpinia is the biggest theater for fantasy film: it factually replicates the scene described in ‘The Lord of the Rings,” and the changing nature of the territory evokes fantasy when writing,” Rossi said in the above-mentioned interview. “Irpinia is, without a doubt, a natural background for film that should be better used to its maximum potential. It is a versatile territory and I filmed all of my works there.”

You can learn more about “Blue Crystel” via the Internet Movie Database.

Click below to watch the trailer for “Blue Crystel”:

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