The Soundtrack of the Soul: Luciano Bruno

For Luciano Bruno, music isn’t just something he does, it is the soundtrack of his life.

Luciano was born in Naples, but lives in Grottaminarda, working to promote the region’s heritage and culture through his music.

“I began to play and write songs at 14 years old, and I never stopped,” he said, adding that his first musical instrument was the electric guitar, but now he also plays the piano, drums, and harmonica, among others.

Luciano has spent more than 30 years honing his craft, having worked with various musical groups, and having released three albums, with a fourth one on the way. One of his most gratifying experiences was when he and fellow Avellinese artist Enzo Costanza presented an original composition, “La Domenica è super” on RAI 1 for the program “DOMENICA IN.”

“Music is the soul of my life,” he said. “I try to promote Irpinia through our events throughout Campania, as well as all over Italy. I always try to play typical songs of our region when I perform, like the Tarantella Montemaranese. It’s important to celebrate our culture wherever we can.”

For his fourth album, Luciano says it will be different from his previous works as it will be completely instrumental. The album is expected to be released in 2022.

“Music is the soul of my life”

Luciano Bruno

“For me, Irpinia represents the maturity of my private and artistic life,” he said. “I might have been born in Naples, but I am fully an adopted Irpinian as well. I have lived here for 30 years, and I am still fascinated by the region and still discover something new about it every day. It’s a place to discover.”

You can discover Luciano’s music via his YouTube channels here and here. His albums are available worldwide, and he can be contacted via his Facebook page by clicking here.

Here are just a few of our favorite Luciano Bruno songs!

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